Ringel Nursery



About the Nursery

Ringel Nursery is a family business. It was established by Moshe Ringel in 1958 in the village of Magshimim. Born in Poland, Moshe survived the Holocaust to arrive in Israel where he married and raised a family and ran a plant nursery that specialized in vegetable shoots.


In 1976, Avi Hoffman, Moshe's son-in-law who holds an MA in agricultural studies, joined the business and developed a product line for export. In 1978, Ringel Nursery became the first nursery in Israel to grow Geraniums for export of cuttings.


Ringel Nursery specializes primarily in Pot and Garden Carnations and is counted among Europe's leading suppliers of this product.
In addition, Ringel also produces for export young plants of different climbers such as Mandevilla and Dipladenia. 

Ringel Nursery is spread over 2 hectares of greenhouses, containing raised tables for growing and propagating.

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