Ringel Nursery

Cultural Instructions

    • In general, production is made under plastic or gals greenhouses without heating. Most finish Pot Carnation is sold between mid March till end of April. Plantation is usually done from early September till mid. December. There is also smaller market for summer and autumn sales.
    • Substrate and pot size
      Plants are planted on 9-11 cm pot. The substrate used is 60% sphagnum peat + 20% black peat + 20% perlite. An important criterion for the quality of the growing medium is the air/water ratio. The optimum pH of the soil is between 5.5 and 6.5.
    • planting
      Use only top quality plants well rooted with 8-10 internodes. Rooted plants should be planted so the upper roots are barely beneath the soil surface.
    • Watering
      The pot carnation needs plenty of water. However, if the crop gets too much water in spring, plant will grow too tall. If water is added, make sure that the crop dries as quickly as possible. Watering should preferably take place in the morning. Overhead watering during cultivation is no problem if clean water is used. Nevertheless be careful with open flowers and see to it that the foliage dries quickly. Pay attention, irregular supply of water should be avoided; regularity in water-supply is most essential, in order to prevent the underneath leaves from perishing.
    • Feeding
      Fertilizer is adding during growth in the form of a soluble composite. Use regular fertilizer with compound (N-P-K) of (e.g. 10-8-15). Have soil samples taken regularly to check the feeding condition. Limit maximum feed concentration to 2.0 E.C.
    • Desease Control
      All Young-plants should be treated 2 days after planting against soil disease with Topsin (200 cc per 100 liter water) and Previcure (150 cc per 100 liter water). During growing, plant should be protected by preventive spraying with Previcur, Rovral or Ortho-Pahltan to be given weekly.
    • Pinching
      Most varieties need pinching as soon as the main bud appears (after approx. 4-6 weeks.). Keep 3-4 leaf left, this is necessary to ensure good branching and growth.
    • Density
      At the start of the season the pots can be placed next to each other. The density is than 100-120 plants per net m . The space is widened once only, when the plants "tough". The plants density then varies from about 70 to 80 plants per net sq/m.
    • Temperature
      Keep temperature in greenhouse at approx. 12ºC (54º F) during first 3-4 weeks, than bring it down to 10ºC (50ºF). Both, temperature and water-supply should be regulated in accordance with light available. Winter temperature should not be higher than 10º C (50ºF); an exception of 12ºC (54ºF) is sometimes acceptable, if light is sufficiently available. When plants are almost harvest, low winter temperature will delay the time of flowering. Bottom heating gives better results in growing as well as earlier flowering.
    • CO2
      Adding CO2 up to 1,000 ppm improves quality.
      Most growers do not use additional CO2.
    • Lighting
      The production and development of flower buds is improved under long-day condition. Extended daylight can be obtained by lighting the whole nigh with filament bulbs with an intensity of approx. 10 W/m for 10 days to a fortnight. Lighting can start as soon as the plants have several sgoots with at least 6 projecting leaf sets. Extended daylight will result in extra stretch, which may impair the quality of certain varieties. This applies especially to crop aimed at spring harvesting. A night break of 3-4 hours is possible. Most growers do not use additional CO2.
    • Growth Retarding
      Use growth retardants only when needed since many of the new varieties are naturally dwarf. The most effective hormone used is Bonzi by 10 – 20 ppm. The most desirable plant height was obtained when Bonzi were applied 6 weeks following the pinch and when vegetative laterals were 3-4 inches in length.

Step by Step

  • Choose well ventilated greenhouse
  • Use top quality young-plants, well rooted with 8-10 internodes.
  • Plant the rooted cuttings not too deep.
  • Spray after planting with
  • Keep temperature during first 3-4 weeks at 12ºC (54ºF).
  • Make sure that the soil always remain sufficiently moist.
  • Pinch as soon as the main bud appears (after approx. 4-6 weeks) but keep 3-4 internodes.
  • After 4-5 weeks bring temperature down to 10ºC (50ºF).
  • Use growth regulator hormone only when needed with Bonzi 10-20 ppm, 6 weeks after pinching, when vegetative laterals were 3-4 inches in length.